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  • Animal Care and Management;
  • Beauty, Hairdressing and Nails;
  • Business Administration, Customer Services, Management & Team Leading;
  • Child Care, Early Years Education and Playwork;
  • Education & Training and Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools;
  • Employability and Progression into Work;
  • Functional Skills and GSCEs in English and Maths;
  • Health & Social Care
  • IT skills for Users and Professionals

ATL has a central location making it accessible to everyone.  With classroom, workbased and flexible delivery we provide a smaller learning environment where learners flourish and achieve their goals. 

Our unique and established learner support approach has a direct impact on helping learners to overcome barriers and challenges to achieve their full potential in life and in employment.

ATLs culture of learner-centred provision ensures a holistic approach to personal development, well-being, career guidance and pastoral care throughout the learning journey.

Both learners and employers regularly give positive feedback. In 2017, 96% of employers and 97% of learners would recommend ATL to others.

ATL learners recognise how our training develops employability skills. 99% feel their job skills have been improved. Learners enjoy training here, with 98.3% appreciating the way targets for progress and achievement are set and the support they receive throughout their training.

95% of learners give high praise to ATL’s support, advice and guidance services, recognising a growth in their self-confidence and understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

This was validated in February 2017 when ATL gained full re-accreditation in the MATRIX standard, which recognised that our pastoral care and careers guidance have a positive impact on learners’ ambitions, achievement and progression.

ATL also works closely with JobCentre Plus and holds the ‘Disability Confident’ standard. In 2015-16, almost 40% of our learners declared a learning difficulty or disability and 82% of these learners were successfully supported to achieve their qualifications.

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