What are apprenticeships?
An Apprenticeship is a real job, giving people the opportunity to gain important practical work skills whilst earning wages and achieving nationally recognised qualifications. An Apprenticeship can be for one and two years depending on the level. They are available in a wide variety of job roles in a range of industries. Apprenticeships can be achieved up to the same level as a degree.

How do you find an Apprenticeship?
One of the best ways to find an Apprenticeship is by using the website: On this website you will find a free service called Apprenticeship Vacancies where you can set up a free account so that you can search and apply for different jobs. As these are real jobs, you will need to apply for the vacancies by submitting a job application. This can be done on-line through your personalised account.

Do you get a job at the end of the Apprenticeship?
Most apprentices do. A survey conducted by the National Apprenticeship Service showed that the majority of apprentices (85%) either stay employed with the employer that they have completed their Apprenticeship with, or will go on to find another job with a different employer. Some apprentices decide at the end of their Apprenticeship that they want to go on to further study, such as starting a full time degree at university or college.

When do you need to start applying for an Apprenticeship?
Finding an Apprenticeship job is different to applying to 6th form, college or university. The jobs are not advertised on one date and they do not all start in September. Jobs are advertised throughout the year on the website. You will need to check the website regularly to view the different jobs available. You can also set up ‘My alerts’ so that you receive emails and text messages when jobs come up that you might be interested in.

What if I have already found a job?
If you already have an employer in place who has agreed to offer you have an Apprenticeship, you will need to find a training provider to support you with your training. Please call the business team 01752 202269 for more information about starting the programme.

Aren’t Apprenticeships just for people who don’t do very well at school?
Not at all. An Apprenticeship is all about getting a job and starting your career. Employers want to employ apprentices with the right positive attitude and who are going to work hard, but they also want employees who are going to be able to pick up new skills and learn about their company from scratch.

Raising the participation age (RPA)
The government has increased the age of which all young people in England must continue in education or training. If you completed year 11 in the summer you will need to continue in education or training until at least your 18th birthday. This does not necessarily mean staying in school; you have a choice about how you continue in education or training post-16, which could be through: An Apprenticeship, Full-Time study in school, college or with a training provider, Full-Time work or volunteering, Combined with part-time education or training

Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony! – 24th September 2016
We had such a great evening celebrating the success of Apprentices in Plymouth! Massive well done to everyone from ATL, we are very proud of you all!