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ATL fully got behind Mental Health Awareness week this year, we baked cakes, raised money and encouraged everyone to wear the green badges. Mental health awareness is an important issue […]

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We currently have a number of excellent vacancies available in numerous sectors across the city! The positions that are currently available are:   Company Role Colebrooke SW Business administration Valenti’s […]

Buy Diazepam India

The Advanced Practitioner will use crucial leadership skills to mentor others across all roles and responsibilities in the school or college workforce.  Enabling individuals to learn Understand how to support […]

Buy Valium India

Do you need to brush up on your English and Maths? Would you like an up to date ICT qualification? If so, we can offer support and training in our […]

Buy Generic Valium Online

This qualification is designed to increase learners’ knowledge and understanding of mental health and mental well-being. Successful completion of the required 5 units will allow the learner to develop in-depth […]

Valium Online

This qualification will provide you with the knowledge and skills required for working directly with children or young people in a range of schools. A voluntary work placement in either […]

Buy Diazepam Online Belfast

Fit your learning around your work and home life! Attendance; flexible home study, no classroom appointment needed. Duration 1-4 months. Starting every week throughout the year. Cost; free if you […]

Buy Ardin Valium

FREE courses for Adults! Thinking about expanding your skills or starting a new career?   We have Fully Funded courses available for those who are employed and earning less than […]