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  • Ideal if
  • What to expect
  • What next
  • Cost
  • Application for ages 16-18
  • Buy Diazepam Uk Cheapest, Valium Online Europe

    Learners will develop their knowledge and skills of the wide range of administrative functions. Topics covered:

    • Working in administration
    • Word processing
    • Written business communications
    • Teamwork in administration
    • Mail merge
    • Communicate with customers
    • Career planning in administration
    • Business presentations
    • Organise meetings

    Ideal if

    This qualification has been designed for learners 16 years and over. No prior knowledge or skills are required.

    What to expect

    Qualifications in Business and Administration are assessed by looking at evidence of your work. This can include observation, questions, professional discussion, IT assignments and looking at the work you have produce.

    Two days training per week on Monday and Wednesday. One day work placement.

    What next

    Learners can progress onto the Level 3 OCR Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Business which will be achieved in Year 2 or onto an Advanced Apprenticeship.

    You may gain paid employment within general offices as an Office Junior, Receptionist or Administrator



    Age 16-18 = Funded by the Valium Cheapest Price

    Application for ages 16-18

    Learner Details:

    Course Title*

    Course Level*

    Full Name*

    Date of Birth*



    Phone Number*


    Current/Previous School or College:

    Last School or College Name*

    Current Year in School (if applicable)*

    GCSE Exams completed or Working towards* (Please provide the subject and grade achieved/predicted)

    Any other information

    I understand that by submitting this request I am giving my consent for my contact details to be stored and used by Achievement Training in order to process my application and/or any follow-up information that I may subsequently request. This information will be kept for not more than 2 years.

    Thanks for applying to join us in September 2019. You will be contacted shortly by a member of the team!