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  • Ideal If
  • What to expect
  • What next
  • Cost
  • Application for ages 16-18
  • Buy Diazepam Uk 2Mg, Buy Valium Pills Online

    The Level 2 Certificate for Children and Young People’s is designed to help you build the knowledge and skills needed when working under supervision with children and young people from birth to 19 years of age. It covers a diverse range of job roles and occupational areas working in children’s settings including early years and social care.

    You will need to be volunteering in a children or young people’s or Early Years setting, as you need to show competence in both knowledge and skills.

    Ideal If

    You have little or no experience of working with children and young people in a professional childcare setting. You will be provided with a secure understanding of the knowledge and skills needed when working directly with children and young people in a range of settings.

    A work placement is required for 1 day a week.

    What to expect

    A voluntary work placement in a relevant setting (nursery or pre-school) is required for a minimum of 6 hours per week. This can either be 1 full days or 2 half days. You will need to attend Achievement Training one Thursday a month from 9.30am – 12.00, for tutorial sessions.

    You will receive a login to an on-line portfolio account, which can be accessed from any Wifi point at work at home or in our centre or through 3/4G. You will be provided with a detailed course programme. At the centre you will have the opportunity to network with other learners and to share practice and access to different resources to support your learning including laptops, desktops, tablets and textbooks.


    What next

    Upon completion you can progress onto a Level 3 qualification.

    This qualification may enable you to progress in a wide range of work roles including:

    • Assistant Pre-schools worker
    • Assistant in a Children’s Centre
    • Assistant in a day nursery, nursery school
    • Adventure Club Assistant
    • Children or young people in care or leaving care
    • Young offenders


    Course Cost = £1,417.00

    Funding is available depending on your circumstances. FREE if you are either:

    • Aged 16-18
    • Aged 19+ Employed and earn less than £15,736.50
    • Aged 19+ Unemployed and in receipt of benefits

    Application for ages 16-18

    Learner Details:

    Course Title*

    Course Level*

    Full Name*

    Date of Birth*



    Phone Number*


    Current/Previous School or College:

    Last School or College Name*

    Current Year in School (if applicable)*

    GCSE Exams completed or Working towards* (Please provide the subject and grade achieved/predicted)

    Any other information

    I understand that by submitting this request I am giving my consent for my contact details to be stored and used by Achievement Training in order to process my application and/or any follow-up information that I may subsequently request. This information will be kept for not more than 2 years.

    Thanks for applying to join us in September 2019. You will be contacted shortly by a member of the team!