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Valium Online Next Day Delivery, Buy Roche Diazepam Uk


• You can set your own pace of study

• You decide when and where to study

• It doesn’t matter where you live – you can gain your qualification from anywhere


• You will receive a link to log-on to your distance learning account

• First complete the initial assessment in either; English, maths or IT so we can determine your starting point

• We will agree a learning plan for you to work towards, based on your own set of requirements

• You will be assigned a personal tutor

• We set you manageable targets within your account

• You work through the learning to meet the required deadlines

• Throughout, you will have access to your tutor via on line messaging, telephone or face to face access if you want to pop in

• When you are ready, you will take a practice test, then the final exam, which must take place in the centre

ATTENDANCE? Flexible home study, no classroom appointments needed. *Please note, attendance in the centre is required for enrolment and to sit the exam.

DURATION: 1-4 months

COST: FREE – subject to eligibility

CONTACT: Sue Stoddard 01752 202229