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Plymouth, United Kingdom

Buy D10 Diazepam, Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter In Spain

Woolwell Road
01752 777798
Vacancy Title: Nursery Assistant Apprentice


Working Week:

Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Vacancy Short Description:

A vibrant, caring and personable individual who will support our nursery to deliver an exceptional standard of childcare and education within a safe homely environment. Amazing career prospects and progression.

Vacancy Description:

The role will include, but may not be limited to:

Support for Children -

  • Supervise and support children ensuring their safety and access to learning
  • Establish good relationships with children, acting as a role model and being aware of and responding to individual needs
  • Encourage to interact with others and engage in activities
  • Assist with supervision of children throughout the whole of the nursery day

Support the Staff Team -

  • Prepare the nursery as directed for sessions and clear afterwards and assist with display of childrens work
  • Be aware of children's progress/achievements/problems and report to other staff members as agreed
  • Support the staff team in managing children's behaviour, reporting any difficulties as appropriate
  • Gather and report information from/to parents/carers as directed

Support the Nursery -

  • Be aware of and comply with, policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection, reporting concerns to an appropriate person
  • Ensure all children have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop
  • Participate in training and other learning activities and performance development as required

Training to be provided:

You will receive specific on the job training from your employer at your work place. Off the job training will be provided by Achievement Training in the following areas:

  • QCF Diploma in Children and Young People's Workforce Level 2
  • Functional Skills in English and Maths and ICT in Level 1 - if required
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)

Delivery is mainly workbased, the course tutor will visit the apprentice monthly to observe, plan and assess. The programme is achieved by a mix of teaching and learning including, assignments, practical work assessments, theory based assessments, and work based practical learning, professional discussion, and question & answer sessions. Maths and English exams are based at the centre. Workshops are available for learners on Fridays, but are not mandatory. This will be arranged with the employer, you and the course tutor.

Skills Required:

  • Effective communication skills to liaise with children, staff, parents and other professionals
  • Ability to adapt to a changing working environment
  • A good team-player so that everyone can work effectively together
  • Ability to solve problems and identify solutions

Personal Qualities: 

  • Punctual, reliable and behave in a professional manner at all times
  • Level-headed and able to deal with varying situations in a calm and orderly manner
  • Friendly, understanding and caring manner
  • A good sense of humour
  • Prepare to work in a challenging but fun and friendly environment
  • Flexible

Qualifications Required:

There are no entry requirements to this Apprenticeship. Apprentices without Level 1 English and Maths will need to achieve this level and take the test for Level 2 English and Maths prior to the completion of their Apprenticeship.

Future Prospects:

On completion of the Apprenticeship, progression options could include undertaking a Level 3 Apprenticeship in a related qualification. The employer may offer you a permanent contract as you will have learnt the necessary skills to become a valued member of staff. Progression opportunities may also include advanced and higher apprenticeships, including which can equate to:

  • NVQ Level 3 equivalent – 2 A Levels
  • NVQ Level 4 equivalent – Higher Education Certificate/BTEC
  • NVQ Level 5 equivalent – Higher Education Diploma/Foundation

Other Important Information

The National Minimum is £3.70 per hour. In April 2019 the National Minimum Wage for Apprentices rises to £3.90 per hour. The Minimum Wage for Apprentices applies to time spent on the job plus time spent training. If you want any advice on your pay, you can contact the Pay and Work Rights Helpline on 0800 917 2368 or visit Buy D10 Diazepam. Otherwise, all learners come under your normal terms of employment ranging from holidays, to sick pay and disciplinary procedures.

If we receive a large number of applications the closing date may be brought forward. All correspondence, questions of queries to go directly to Achievement Training: or 01752 202269.

If you’re unsure about applying or have any questions, please feel free to give the team a call for a chat on 01752 202269.

To enable easier communications, please feel free to message ATL using messenger on Facebook - Achievement Training. We can respond much faster.
Thank you

Here are some helpful interview tips: Valium Buying Online

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