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Thank you so much, 🙂 The course definitely met my expectations and actually exceeded my expectations. I was quite nervous to start as I wondered how I would manage alongside working. However, the work is spread out very well throughout the course and is actually extremely manageable. I feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge, especially within my own department. Before the course there were often times within my workplace that people would talk ‘business’ and I did not really understand the language, however, since completing this course I now understand a lot more – which is great!

I received any help when needed and overall the course was really enjoyable. The course was great, Achievement training have been great and Kady (my assessor) was extremely helpful, kind and approachable which all contributed towards my completion of the course.

Thank you again for all your help, I may contact you in the future if I want to further expand my knowledge and development and think of something else that Achievement Training could potentially support 🙂

Best wishes, Bryonie