Apprenticeship Enrolment Form – For Apprentices

The Apprentice must meet any course specific entry requirements – for more information please contact the relevant Curriculum Department.
The Apprentice must be in paid employment for at least 30 hours a week - unless otherwise agreed with Achievement Training in advance.
Apprentices cannot be self-employed however can be employed with a zero hour contract.
The Apprentice must be a UK or EU citizen or have a legal right to be in UK and have been a resident for the three years preceding your course start date. If you are the spouse or dependant of an EU citizen, you may also be entitled to funding, please contact us for more information.
The Apprentice must not be currently undertaking another Apprenticeship programme.
All Apprentices must spend at least 50% of their working hours in England.


Legal Surname

Legal Firstname

Previous Surname

Date of Birth

National Insurance Number


Your Address

Your Postcode

No. of years at current address

No. of years resident in the UK/EU

Country of Birth

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Have you previously undertaken an Apprenticeship at the same or higher level?
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If Yes, have you changed job roles since your last Apprenticeship?
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If the Apprenticeship is being implemented on an existing job role please identify the significant new knowledge and skills required (please put NA if Not Applicable)

What was your employment status prior to this Apprenticeship?

If unemployed, duration of unemployment

If employed, duration of employment

Previous employer name

Were you in receipt of any of the following?

Sexual Orientation


Household Situation


Prior Attainment
Qualification Achieved - Grade/Level - Year Completed

Disabilities that may affect your learning
If yes, please specify

Learning Difficulties that may affect your learning
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How did you hear about ATL

Any personal support requirements

Do you hold a current Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) or 139a statement?
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Have you ever been assigned an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) or 139a statement?
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The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA): The personal information you provide is passed to the Chief Executive of Skills Funding (“the Agency”) and, when needed, the Department for Education, to meet legal responsibilities under the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009. The information you provide may be shared with other partner organisations for purposes relating to education or training. Further information about use of and access to your personal data, and details of partner organisations are available at: Http://
If you would prefer not to be contacted by the Agency or other organisations, including ATL, please select below:

The Learner Records Service: The information supplied will be used to issue you with a Unique Learner Number (ULN) and to create your Personal Learning Record. Further details of how your information is processed and shared can be found at As the ULN is required for the administration of services within the education and training sector, you cannot opt out , you can however opt-out of sharing your participation and achievement data through the Learning Records Service by ticking here: Opt-out 

Please upload previous certificates / CV