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Apprentice of the Year 2017

Apprentice of the Year – Jeorgia Best

Jeorgia started a Level 2 apprenticeship in November 2015 after completing her GCSEs at Coombe Dean Community College, where she achieved very good results.

She made a very clear decision to not apply for 6th Form, but to opt for a business administration apprenticeship post. During this time, she worked with two employers, with her first placement providing her with an excellent grounding and understanding of office life and work practices. Her second placement presented a more challenging role, and she was given more responsibility. However, Jeorgia accepted the challenge and quickly grew into her new post, quickly becoming a highly valued member of the team – showing great flare and determination in this role.

On completion of her intermediate apprenticeship, Jeorgia took off to the other side of the world, undertaking a gap year in Australia, where she was able to develop her personal skill set. On her return Jeorgia was re-employed by her previous employer, who supported her through her Advanced apprenticeship.

Jeorgia has now progressed into full-time, secure employment and is earning a very good salary. She has all the skills she needs to continue to grow and gain even more confidence in the world of business.

In addition to her studies Jeorgia has been a keen ambassador for Apprenticeships, and has been an active member of the City Councils, Plymouth Apprentices Ambassador Network.  She saw the value of Apprenticeships and took on the spirit of them – working hard – doing her best, and achieving her goals.

Well done Jeorgia on your achievements – we are all proud of you and wish you every future success. We look forward to working with you and supporting you when you commence your Higher-Level Apprenticeship.

Congratulations Jeorgia!