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  • Application for ages 16-18
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    This course will provide you with the skills needed to qualify as a professional hairdresser. You will be able to offer a wide range of treatments to clients, with a clear understanding of how your performance is directly related to the success of the business and your own salary. You will work towards the following units:

    • Creatively style and dress hair
    • Hair colour correction services
    • Creative hair design skills
    • Hairdressing consultation services
    • Cut hair using a combination of techniques
    • Creatively colour and lighten hair

    Ideal if

    You’ve worked in hairdressing or barbering for some time and want to develop your skills. You might want a broad qualification or to learn a particular technique, as well as developing your skills, and working towards gaining professional certification in the industry. You will learn a wide range of treatments on paying clients as well as learning the principles of operating a salon.

    This course attracts UCAS points! Pass = 32

    What to expect

    You will learn in our training centre within a realistic working environment. By the end of your qualification, you’ll be demonstrating your skills on paying clients. For each unit your assessor watches and asks questions as you perform tasks, to assess your practical skills. You will need to complete employer engagement and work experience during the qualification.  Your understanding of the theory will be tested by the completion of an end trade test and written exam.

    Professional Equipment: It is advisable to purchase your own set of professional equipment to assist your progress on the course and to equip you ready for employment. Available to order from ATL

    What next

    Once you have completed as a qualified hairdresser, you will be able to work in various types of businesses such as:

    • commercial salon
    • independent, self employed mobile hairdresser
    • cruise ships
    • 4* and 5*hotels & spas

    This course attracts UCAS points! Pass = 32


    Course Cost = £3345.00

    Age 16-18 = Funded by the Valium Cheapest Price

    Fully Funded = £0.00 (Buy D10 Diazepam)

    Reduced Fees / Co-Funded = Not applicable to this course

    This qualification is available as a student loan:
    Valium Buying Online
    Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online Uk

    This qualification can be completed via an Apprenticeship

    Application for ages 16-18

    Learner Details:

    Course Title*

    Course Level*

    Full Name*

    Date of Birth*



    Phone Number*


    Current/Previous School or College:

    Last School or College Name*

    Current Year in School (if applicable)*

    GCSE Exams completed or Working towards* (Please provide the subject and grade achieved/predicted)

    Any other information

    I understand that by submitting this request I am giving my consent for my contact details to be stored and used by Achievement Training in order to process my application and/or any follow-up information that I may subsequently request. This information will be kept for not more than 2 years.

    Thanks for applying to join us in September 2019. You will be contacted shortly by a member of the team!