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    Our  programme covers a wide range of skills, from the application of nail enhancements using liquid and powder, UV gel nail enhancements, gel colour application and advanced nail art techniques.

    Throughout this qualification you will develop your knowledge and understanding of relevant anatomy and physiology, health and safety, and client care. You will also develop a range of technical skills in preparing the skin, applying products and using a variety of different techniques. You will develop interpersonal skills that will assist you to communicate effectively with clients.

    Entry: You must have already completed a Level 2 qualification in either Beauty Therapy or Nail Technology.

    Ideal if

    You want to become an advanced Nail Technician or up- skill from L2 to L3 this course will provide you with the set of skills needed to be a professional nail technician.  The L3 qualification builds on existing knowledge and understanding of nail services gained at Level 2, enabling learners to expand the scope of their technical skills for employment as a nail technician

    Entry requirement: You must have completed a Level 2 qualification in either Beauty Therapy or Nail Technology.

    Advanced Learner Loans are available!

    What to expect

    You will learn at our training centre within a realistic working environment. By the end of your qualification, you’ll be demonstrating your skills on paying clients. All learners will cover the mandatory core units which will allow you to experience the different skills required to work within the Nail Industry.

    The content of this qualification is comprised of all the required elements to work effectively as a nail technician including health and safety, client care and communication, applying and maintaining nail enhancements using either ultra-violet gel or liquid and powder and how to promote products, services and teamwork skills.

    You will need to complete employer engagement and work experience during the qualification. Your understanding of theory will be tested by the completion of an end trade test and written exam

    What next?

    This qualification can help you to move into employment or self employment as a Nail Technician or develop you to become a senior member of staff. It also acts as a route into qualifications such as: Level 4 Diploma in Management Practice and Advanced Techniques in the Hair and Beauty Sector, Complimentary therapies or Foundation degrees.



    Course Cost = £2583.00

    Funding is available depending on your circumstances. FREE if you are either:

    • Aged 16-18

    Valium Cheapest Price are available!

    This qualification can be completed via an Apprenticeship