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    This 8 week course will give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to provide and maintain nail enhancements using both liquid and powder acrylic. The course consists of 2 units; Health & Safety Practice in the salon | Provide and maintain nail enhancements. You will learn:

    • natural nail preparation
    • different tips and how to size, blend and apply.
    • how to relate to ratio and forming a bead using liquid and powder (acrylic)
    • application of the acrylic overlay and filing techniques

    Ideal if

    This course is perfect if you are just starting out and want to gain the skills and knowledge required to work in the Beauty industry.


    What to expect

    Attendance for this 8 week course is 1 day per week from 9.00am – 3.30pm.

    You will learn in our training centre within a realistic working environment and will start to apply nails in week 1. There will be 2 written assignments. For your practical assessments you will apply 1 full set and complete 1 maintenance treatment. This will be on someone in the group.

    What next

    On completion you can gain paid employer working withing the Nail sector, or you can progress on to the Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Nail Technologies, to expand you skills and knowledge.


    Course Cost = £390.00

    Funding is available depending on your circumstances. FREE if you are either:

    • Aged 16-18
    • Aged 19+ Employed and earn less than £15,736.50
    • Aged 19+ Unemployed and in receipt of benefits