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  • Start details
  • How To Buy Valium In Australia - Valium Bula Anvisa

    This qualification is designed to increase learners’ knowledge and understanding of mental
    health and mental well-being. Successful completion of the required 5 units will allow the
    learner to develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of mental health. It will also
    support progression into relevant employment within the health and social care sector.
    You will complete 5 knowledge units covering the following topics;
    • Unit 01: Understanding the context of mental health and wellbeing
    • Unit 02: Promotion of mental health and wellbeing
    • Unit 03: Mental health problems: associated issues and consequences
    • Unit 04: Understanding mental ill health
    • Unit 05: Working in mental health


    • 19+ years
    • Working in Health & Social Care or Education provision
    • Volunteering with Vulnerable Adults / Children
    • Achieved a Level 2 Mental Health Qualification, or a Full Level 2/ 3
    qualification in Health & Social Care or any L3 Childcare, Support teaching
    and leaning qualification




    This Level 3 qualification aims to provide professional development opportunities for
    practitioners working/volunteering in Health Care or Education.

    This qualification will: Focus on the study of mental health and mental well-being to support different occupational areas, offer breadth and depth of study, incorporating a key core of knowledge and understanding.


    To book an appointment to enrol onto the programme, please call Adult Children Service
    Department – 01752 211051.

    Please bring certificates from all previously achieved related
    courses, so that your suitability for this course can be assessed.

    Start details

    Starting Soon
    Duration is 8 weeks Mondays 09:00 – 15:30
    Valium Cheapest Price – £811.00

    Plymouth City Centre
    *T&C’s apply