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  • Ideal if
  • What to expect
  • What next
  • Cost
  • Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter In Spain, Valium Buying Online

    This qualification aims to:

    • provide learners with the skills they need to operate as a successful manager
    • confirm competence of those already fulfilling a managerial role
    • allow learners to develop skills in a range of areas relevant to managerial roles, such as communication, presentation skills and project management.

    The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:

    • develop the skills and qualities valued in managers by employers
    • prove they have the requisite skills to operate as a manager in a variety of industries
    • understand and work on their strengths and weaknesses as a manager.

    Ideal if

    This qualification is designed for learners who are working, or would like to work, in a managerial role within any sector or industry. It is ideal for those who have worked in an entry-level managerial role or who’ve been working at that level for a short period of time and are looking to further develop the managerial skills.

    There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for this qualification/these qualifications. However, learners may find it helpful if they’ve already achieved a Level 3 management or related qualification.

    What to expect

    A work placement in a business administration or business support role is required for this course. The Delivery of the qualification is a mixture of classroom & workbased learning, the assessor will visit you in your work placement and flexible appointments will be arranged for you to attend our centre.

    Qualifications in Management are assessed by looking at evidence of your work. This can include observation, questions, professional discussion, IT assignments and looking at the work you have produced.

    You will receive a login to an on-line portfolio account and a detailed course programme. At the centre you will have the opportunity to network with other learners, share practice and access different resources to support your learning including laptops, desktops, tablets and textbooks.


    What next

    Upon completion you can progress onto an advanced apprenticeship, or higher level studies at university or FE colleges, including:

    • level 4
    • level 5 – equivalent to a higher education certificate, higher education diploma or a foundation degree
    • level 6 – equivalent to a bachelor degree


    Course Cost = £2,573.00

    Valium Cheapest Price are available!