Employers need people who can contribute to achieving goals in the most efficient and productive way.

Without basic computer skills you will struggle in the office environment, many employers will not even consider you as a candidate without a reasonable level of computer skills. The ECDL certification training is designed for novices or casual computer users that will take learners to a high computer literacy standard by improving your knowledge on these key areas:

  • Computer Essentials
  • IT Security
  • Online Essentials
  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Word Processing
  • Databases

The qualification can be tailored at each level to meet your specific requirements. The programme also allows for distance learning model, using on-line systems.

Using a computer effectively is now an essential skill – at home, at college, university or at work.


What learners Say

“I’ve worked with computers virtually all my working life, but I’ve had no formal training, so that’s what I was looking for with the ECDL. It’s a qualification that’s well recognised by employers and that’s what I wanted; it’s important to me that it’s recognised.”

“If I had to use three words to describe the ECDL they’d be confidence, knowledge and understanding; I’ve got a much deeper understanding of computers now.”


Funding is available depending on your circumstances. FREE if you are either:

  • Aged 19+ Employed and earn less than £17,004.00
  • Aged 19+ Unemployed and in receipt of benefits