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    Do you need to update your Maths or English skills? If so, we can offer support and training in our centrally located employment and progression centre.

    Functional Skills qualifications are intended for customers who want to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. Achieving these qualifications will increase your confidence and motivation, the skills you gain will be valuable in the workplace or in any further learning as well as supporting you to develop the practical skills you need for life.

    Maths & English Functional Skills courses are available at Entry level 2, Entry level 3, Level 1 and Level 2. Following the initial assessment of your current skills, an individual programme of learning will be mapped out for you. Your tutor will support you every step of the way until you are ready to sit the Functional Skills exam.

    The course can last between 1 & 4 month depending when you are ready to sit the exam. Attendance is a mix of in centre study and home study.  Flexible appointments are available to suit you and your commitments. The centre is open daily until 5 pm

    There is a course induction every Tuesday at 1.30pm.

    Cost: Functional Skills in English and Maths courses are funded

    Valium Cheapest Price.

    GSCE English and Maths

    GSCE English and Maths course are available – preparing for June exams!

    English Language has been developed by our specialist tutors and teachers, with your learning always in mind. They are supported by a host of resources, including personal adviser’s and digital resource banks, to help you achieve.

    • Our aim is to offer a stimulating and engaging learning experience
    • Our assessments are designed to suit everyone, allowing students of all abilities to succeed
    • English Literature and English Language are designed to work together, giving you the opportunity to develop a wider range of knowledge and skills 

    Maths is for everyone! We use qualifications designed to support and enable students to engage with, explore, enjoy and succeed in maths. We love maths; it is diverse, engaging and essential in equipping you with the right skills to reach your future destination, whatever that may be. We understand that many students feel that maths is ‘not for them’ but we believe that maths is for everyone. So, by putting students at the heart of everything we do, our aim is to support teachers to shape what success in maths looks like for every student. Our range of courses caters for students of different abilities. With flexible routes through our maths qualifications, you have the freedom to plan a maths journey for each student, whatever your learning style, ability or aspiration.



    Courses are usually funded – Buy D10 Diazepam