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  • Ideal if
  • What to expect
  • What next
  • Apprenticeship cost
  • About ATL
  • Employ an Apprentice
  • Buy Valium Diazepam Online, Valium Order Overnight Delivery

    This apprenticeship will give you the skills and knowledge to become a professional hairdresser. You will learn to shampoo and condition hair, cut hair using a range of techniques, style and finish hair to create variety of looks, and colour and lighten hair for ladies and men, cut hair using barbering techniques, style and finish hair for men, cut facial hair into shape for men and provide shaving services.

    Hairdressers and barbers must be able to work with all hair types ranging from straight hair to very curly, wiry hair. They also need to be able to carry out consultations with clients, demonstrate the professionalism, values, behaviours, communication skills and safe working practices associated with their role and be able to work without supervision to a high level of precision, with exceptional client care skills.

    Ideal if

    You want to develop your skills, and work towards gaining professional certification in the Hair sector. There are two distinctly different job roles within this occupational profile – Hairdresser and Barber.

    What to expect

    The delivery will be done mainly at the workplace, with the off-the-job training accounting for at least 20% of your employed time. You will receive a login to an online portfolio. The assessor will regularly visit you at work to observe you performing relevant tasks and to carry out professional discussions. For each unit your assessor watches and asks questions as you perform the tasks whilst assessing your practical skills.

    Your understanding of the theory will be tested by the completion of online tests.

    Level 1 English, Maths and ICT will need to be completed prior to completion, if not already achieved at GCSE grade C / level 4 or above.

    What next

    You can progress onto an advanced apprenticeship, or higher level studies at university or FE colleges, including:

    • Level 3
    • level 4
    • level 5 – equivalent to a higher education certificate, higher education diploma or a foundation degree
    • level 6 – equivalent to a bachelor degree

    You may be able to progress your career and gain paid employment in job roles including: Commercial Salon, Hotel salons, Working within the community, Independent / self employed mobile hairdresser, and Homebased setting.

    Achievement of the apprenticeship standard makes you eligible for State Registration with the Hair Council.

    Apprenticeship cost

    There is no cost to the Apprentice

    Levy Employer cost = £9,000.00

    Non Levy Employer cost = £900.00 +VAT

    About ATL

    Achievement Training have been delivering high quality, local training in Apprenticeships over 20 years. We only work with businesses in Plymouth and the surrounding area – which means our workforce is concentrated where we need them to be.

    This apprenticeship provides all the materials and digital solutions you need to sustain flexible delivery models that are cost effective, time efficient and meet the learning styles of your apprentices, ensuring they are motivated to be successful and productive in their role.

    The apprenticeship standard has been developed with input from a trailblazer group including: Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa, Urban Retreat, Regis UK, SAKS, Toni & Guy, Philosophy Hairdressing, UR Beautiful Ltd, Fusion Hair & Beauty, Rogers of Chell Barber Shops, Phaze 1 Hair and Nail and Beauty Lounge Ltd, That Nail Place, Armonia, RG Hairdressing, Alan D Hairdressing, Andrew Collinge, Lady PJ Hairdressing, Rubies Hairdressing, and The Master Barber Shop.

    Employ an Apprentice

    Apprenticeships can help businesses across all sectors by offering a route to harness fresh new employees. Apprenticeships ensure that your workforce has the practical skills and qualifications your organisation needs now and in the future. The mixture of on and off the job learning ensures they learn the skills that work best for your business. Apprenticeships deliver for businesses and help them grow by: Reducing training and recruitment costs, increasing productivity and your bottom line, developing a skilled motivated and qualified workforce, improving customer service results, providing financial return on investment.

    Apprentices can be new or Existing staff!

    ATL’s recruitment services are free!

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