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  • Ideal if
  • What to expect
  • What next
  • Cost
  • Application for ages 16-18
  • Best Valium Online, Buy Tubs Diazepam

    The programme covers a wide range of skills including advanced skin care and electrical facial treatments such as micro-dermabrasion and non surgical face lifting to Indian Head massage and body electrotherapy slimming treatments as well as manual and spray tanning techniques. You will learn a range of massage techniques, including Swedish, aromatherapy and deep tissue.

    Throughout this qualification you will develop your knowledge and understanding of relevant anatomy and physiology, health and safety, and client care. You will also develop a range of technical skills in preparing the skin, and applying beauty therapy products and electrical equipment to the skin, using a variety of different techniques. You will develop interpersonal skills that will assist you to communicate effectively with clients.

    Ideal if

    This qualification is carried out in a real salon environment and provides you with the opportunity to learn beauty therapy skills whilst working on real clients. It is important for you to have the opportunity to learn in a real working environment to support you to gain future paid employment. The units contained in this qualification cover all the skills and knowledge required for this role.

    Entry onto this qualification can be via previous attainment of a Level 2 qualification in beauty therapy and/or a successful skills test and interview.

    Advanced Learner loans are available!

    What to expect

    You will learn in our training centre within a realistic working environment. By the end of your qualification, you’ll be demonstrating your skills on paying clients. For each unit your assessor watches and asks questions as you perform a tasks, to assess your practical skills.

    What next

    This qualification can help you to move into employment or self employment as a beauty Therapist or develop you to become a senior member of staff. It also acts as a route into qualifications such as: Level 4 Diploma in Management Practice and Advanced Techniques in the Hair and Beauty Sector, Complimentary therapies or Foundation degrees.

    Employment options include: Working as a Beauty therapist, Skin Care Consultant, in a spa as well as opportunities to work on Cruise ships, VIP airport departure lounges providing treatments and at 4* and 5* hotels.



    Course Cost = £3345.00

    Funding is available depending on your circumstances. FREE if you are either:

    • Aged 16-18

    This qualification is available via an Valium Cheapest Price

    This qualification can be completed via an Apprenticeship

    Application for ages 16-18

    Learner Details:

    Course Title*

    Course Level*

    Full Name*

    Date of Birth*



    Phone Number*


    Current/Previous School or College:

    Last School or College Name*

    Current Year in School (if applicable)*

    GCSE Exams completed or Working towards* (Please provide the subject and grade achieved/predicted)

    Any other information

    I understand that by submitting this request I am giving my consent for my contact details to be stored and used by Achievement Training in order to process my application and/or any follow-up information that I may subsequently request. This information will be kept for not more than 2 years.

    Thanks for applying to join us in September 2019. You will be contacted shortly by a member of the team!