What you'll learn

This qualification will give you the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in the animal care Sector and is suitable for those who have some experience and/or a relevant Level 2 qualification. The different routes available within this qualification include Animal Care and Welfare, Zoos/Wildlife Establishments, Dog Grooming, Pet Care and Retail, Animal Welfare Enforcement, Animal Training, Dog Animal Wardens and Animals in Education and Entertainment. It will suit those who have plenty of experience. You will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Implement, monitor and evaluate plans for the health and welfare of animals
  • Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security in the workplace
  • Plan the handling and restraint of animals
  • Plan, supervise and control the movement of animals
  • Monitor and evaluate the accommodation of animals

Ideal if

No previous knowledge or experience is required, however learners would benefit from completing a previous level 2 animal care qualification. This course has been designed for learner’s age 16-19 years and who are interested in developing their knowledge and skills to work in the Animal Care sector.

What to expect

Within our Animal Care centre we have a wide range of small animals to support your practical learning. For each unit your assessor observes and asks questions as you perform different tasks, creating a portfolio of formal evidence.

What next

Can progress to the full Level 3 diploma qualification within animal care or into the industry through an apprenticeship or employment as a pet store assistant, stable hand, farm hand or kennel staff.


Age 16- 18 = Funded by the Department for Education


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