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Take on an apprentice with Achievement Training 


Take on an apprentice with Achievement Training and you will receive up to £3000 of funding until 31st March 2021!

Taking on an apprentice comes with plenty of exciting benefits! From providing excellent opportunities to upskill existing employees. Create opportunities to bring in new talent at any level and work with us as your provider to deliver training flexibly around your business.

Employing an apprentice is easier than you think and there is financial help and support available from the government.  In the Governments summer spending statement, they have pledged that “From August to March 2021, any firm that hire a young apprentice aged 16 to 18  will receive £3,000 those who hire 19 – 24 £2,000.00 – while those that hire apprentices aged 25 and over will be paid £1,500.”

Register your interest with the recruiting a new apprentice with the ATL recruitment team at or 01752 202264  

For more information about recruiting an apprentice;

Recruitment services are FREE!

A Job description will be created for the post and once agreed it will be published on the National Apprenticeship web site for candidates to view and apply: Applications will be dealt with by the team and forwarded to you for short-listing. Full support and guidance will be available throughout the process. Once an apprentice has been selected we will support you throughout the duration of the programme usually 12 months to 18 months depending on the level of qualification.

By using the free recruitment service you are opting into using our training services. Charges will apply in all other cases.

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    Employer Incentives

    Extra Employer incentive if you recruit an Apprentices before 31st March 2021

    The National Minimum wage for an apprentice is currently £4.15 per hour.

    Levy & Non-Levy

    National Insurance Contributions are not required by employers with apprentices under the age of 25 earning less than £827 a week.

    Please note* All apprentices are required to have 20% off the job training over the course of the Apprenticeship – Please see the 20 percent training guidance.