Learner Support (Pastoral Care)

Achievement Training supports all our learners on a pastoral basis, we will do what ever we can to enable you to complete your course with as little difficulty as possible.  This is why we have people specifically employeevery-person-matters-logod staff to support you with ANY difficulties you may be having in or outside of your life at Achievement Training.

Provision offered to all learners in a personalised way to meet their individual needs so that they have a successful learning experience, achieve and progress”  – LSIS

We can offer you individual one to one support with difficulties such as low Self esteem, confidence building, bullying, housing, financial, drugs or alcohol, health, relationships and sexual health or anything that is affecting your life. We offer mentoring, advice and guidance, referring or signposting you to appropriate support organisations or by just listening to.

Anything bothering you is worth talking about!

No issue too big or too small!

For further information or support contact:
Paul Ebanks – Learner Support Manager
Office: 01752 202263 /Mobile: 07497 413181
Email: paulebanks@achievementtraining.com

Confidentiality can be respected as long as no one is at risk of harm!

Learner Support:

Plymouth Online Directory
The ambition of Plymouth’s Children’s and Young People’s strategy is for every child to have the best start to life by ensuring they can access education, health care and are safeguarded from harm. Children and young people are of course dependent on factors outside their influence, such as family or their community environment which makes them more vulnerable. Our local focus of getting the right support to children, young people and families is therefore essential to ensure positive lifelong, health and well-being outcomes. The aim of the directory is to offer information about advice, help and support services for children, young people and families who live and work in Plymouth. It also supports those who work within or have an interest in family support services.

Plymouth Information, advice & support for SEND
Provides impartial information, advice and support relating to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) for parents, carers, children and young people within the Plymouth Local Authority area.
PIAS provides parents, carers of children and young people with SEND with support at meetings and support around education and training issues. (01752) 258933 / 0800 953 1131.

The Gateway
The Gateway can be used for any general information and advice question that relates to a child pre-birth through to 18 years of age (or 25 in relation to SEND matters). If you have an education, health or care question please Email gateway@plymouth.gov.uk or Phone 01752 668000

Plymouth City Council Adult Safeguarding:
If you want to speak to someone call 01752 668000 and choose the adult social care option. We’ll make enquiries and collect as much information as we can from other agencies involved. We’ll take into account the wishes of the person you’re worried about and the seriousness of the situation. We’ll offer them information and advice so they can make a choice about any help they need or action they want to take. If they can’t make an informed choice, we’ll take action to support and protect them in their best interest.
Telephone 01752 668000 / E-mail adultsafeguarding@plymouth.gov.uk

Centrepoint is the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people – but what does that actually mean? It means that, together with our partners, we support 9,000 young people every year. We help 16-25 year olds into a safe place to live, give them a health assessment and plan support for their individual mental and physical health needs. We start them on a path to more independence and a job.

We are a local charity that supports children, young people, families and individuals to overcome disadvantage

Intercom Trust
Provide help against homophobic and transphobic prejudice, crime and discrimination (including bullying, harassment, abuse, attacks, and threatening behaviour), helping to develop the LGBT communities, providing professional training and consultancy, and working in partnership with local government, the police, health and other organisations.

Discretionary Learner Support
There are a lot of different sources of funding to help you for course related costs such as childcare support, course costs, support with travel, meal allowance or any other hardship that could potentially create a barrier to your learning. The Learner Funding Support Team is here to give you advice and the application forms you need to get started.

Internet safety

Mental Health:

Plymouth Mind
Your local centre of excellence for mental health advice, information and support for all sections of the community in Plymouth (Devon).

Young people and mental health
An information hub offering young people advice and help on mental health problems including depression, anxiety and stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, here are the people who can help.

Young Minds: well being & mental health website

Fighting for young people’s mental health. We’re leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges.

Supporting Apprentices with Mental Health
This free service, delivered by Remploy and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions is available to any apprentice who is experiencing mental health difficulties at work. It complements any existing occupational health service you have, delivered by trained professionals with expertise in mental health in the workplace.

Routeways – in other words:
Supporting Children and Young People’s aged 8-18 years mental health, In Other Words offers a supported self-governing group with fun activities and ongoing development opportunities to help build confidence, self-esteem and belief in a non-judgemental, confidential, safe and non-clinical environment.

NHS Depression and Anxiety Service
The NHS provide a service across Devon and offer a range of different types of treatments and therapies for people experiencing problems with low mood/depression, anxiety or stress. Anxiety and depression are things we all likely to experience at some point. If you are, then you’re not alone. It is estimated that one in four of the adult population will suffer from anxiety and depression at some point in their lives. There is support available to you to help you overcome your difficulties. This service is a free, confidential NHS service for people aged 18+.

Kooth – Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people
XenZone is a provider of online mental health services for children, young people and adults. Kooth, from XenZone, is an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop and free at the point of use.

Harbour – Drug and Alcohol Services
Harbour is here to help anyone, including family and friends, affected by the misuse of drugs and alcohol by providing information, education, assessment and care co-ordination. We manage community based treatment services and work together with other services, voluntary, private and public, to see that every available option to address individual needs is explored.

Online counselling support

Qwell Counselling

The Zone mental health support page

Mental health  for parents/carers/relatives

Additional Support:

The Mix – Your guide to the real world
The Mix is the online guide to life for 16-25 year-olds in the UK. We provide non-judgemental support and information on everything from sex and exam stress to debt and drugs. Our straight-talking emotional support is available 24 hours a day. On The mix you can:
•Chat about anything you like on our moderated discussion boards and live chat room.
•Browse over 2000 articles and videos full of facts you can trust.
•Read about the experiences of other young people in our True Life section.
•Got a question about friends, dating, love or family life? Ask one of our trained advisors. This service is free and totally confidential.

The Citizenship Foundation
The Citizenship Foundation inspires young people to take part in society as equal members. We help them to understand the law, politics and democratic life. We promote participation, we help teachers to teach citizenship and we work with young people on issues that concern them.

Prince’s Trust
We help young people aged 13 to 30 get into jobs, education and training.

The Zone
We are a charity which provides free and confidential information and support to young people. On average we support over 5500 different young people each year through our different projects; since we were founded in 1990 we estimate that we have supported over 130,000 young people. Our drop in service, available 6 days a week, supported by a dedicated team of volunteers, offers young people emotional support and information around housingsexual health and mental health and the options available to them. We can also offer information about, and make referrals to, specialist services, both within The Zone and elsewhere.

Sexual Health Matters
Good sexual and reproductive health is an essential part of people’s health and wellbeing. It is important that people have the information, confidence and means to make choices that are right for them. A positive approach to sexual and reproductive health helps people to develop healthy relationships and enables them to protect themselves and their partners from infections and unintended pregnancy.

C Card – Condom Distribution
The C-Card is a condom distribution scheme aimed at 13-24 year olds living and working in Plymouth.Young people are seen and registered by a trained professional (under 16’s will be assessed for competency to consent) who may then issue a C-card. This card can then be presented at over 50 sites in Plymouth where the C-Card is recognised. These include youth services, pharmacies, GP surgeries, clinics and


http://NHS One you Apps

http://One You Plymouth