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“I have used ATL services for several years and have always found them to be very professional and helpful. They have always structured their training around the needs of the business and it has always been to the highest standard. We have 3 more students that will be taking up training with them in the next few weeks. Excellent friendly staff that have made my apprentices feel very valued. I would not go to another provider for any training that I could source through ATL.” Tiny Tinkers – Apprenticeship Employer


“Already completed level 1 creative hair and beauty I’am now half way through level 2 women’s and men’s hair and I absolutely love it! Michelle Tippett is my tutor and she goes above and beyond to help you! Always very welcoming. I will be continuing my education here and going on to do my level 3 hair I would highly recommend this college! Michelle your are an absolute credit to the college and thank you for all your help so far.” Jane Richards


“This college is one of the best I’ve been to, the staff are very helpful and down to earth. The courses I loved the most here was the IT Level 2 & 3 courses! Very interesting and I guarantee that anyone coming to this college will definitely boost their choice of career and that they will definitely be getting a job! 5 stars, wonderful place.” Daniel Broom


“Was hard at first but got through with it and with the help and support of staff members here which made it easier. Very friendly staff.” Annalise Laycock


“Been a student here for 3 years now the staff are lovely and so helpful they will are always there to help you. You are all amazing!” Katie Bishop


“Achievement Training has gave me the opportunity to gain skills to earn myself the qualification in which I need to find my ideal job. The staff are very friendly and helpful when it comes to needing their support. Last year I done a Customer Service course and this year Business Admin. This college offers the type of courses I need to get me where I want to be. I strongly recommend this college to anyone who wants to go on a course and gain some qualifications.” Cherie Greep


“Achievement Training has helped me to develop the skills that I will need for the future and the staff and friendly environment has also improved my confidence.” Alex Jones


“I did my level 2 hair with beauty central and I’m currently doing level 3 hair and a nail course and it really is the best place to learn the tutors are excellent and actually care about your education.” Cloe-Marie Anker


“Achievement Training is a good place for learning new things, it has helped me with gaining a qualification and getting a job out of it through my work placement from last year when I done customer service. All of the staff are friendly and help you through all of your work to make sure you can get completed before the deadlines set and they also help to make sure that you gain a qualification that you are studying in. I would highly recommend Achievement Training to friends and family.” Melissa Patton


“I have been a student here for nearly 2 half years found all the staff friendly,helpful and very supportive when you need help in ur course or personal matters.” Colleen Bishop


“I have studied at Achievement Training for 18 months in total having completed a Level 2 course in Customer Service in 2017. I really enjoyed my course and found the relaxed atmosphere so helpful. The tutors and teaching assistants are wonderful and really helped me with everything I needed. I also made many new friends and looked forward to attending each week. Now, I am studying for a level 3 course in Business Administration and hope to gain employment in the retail sector this year.” Laura Mulligan


“After completing level 1 hair & beauty, I’m now currently on level 2 hairdressing & enjoying every second. Our tutor Michelle Tippett is absolutely brilliant, she’s friendly, relaxed to be around but pushes us all on in the best way to better ourselves. Will be returning for level 3 & cant recommend the college enough, they really make each and every one of you feel important & not just another student – 10/10.” Chantice Jones


“I previously completed my level 2 and level 3 apprenticeship for hair and barbering with Achievement Training. I can’t thank Chelsea and Kirsty enough for all the support they gave me throughout the course. If I could give this college a 10 star rating I would!! Thank you to all staff in the beauty central department!” Emma Morgan


“Been here before for college stuff thought you helped me a lot.” Ellie Blower


“I really enjoyed my level 2 Apprenticeship, and have now embarked on to level 3. The course was easy to follow, with the amazing support from my tutor and others involved in my learning journey.” Marie Midwinter


“I am loving my apprenticeship at Achievement Training, I feel it has given me so much confidence. Every step of the way I have been supported by a team of amazing people who are so caring and willing to help. I feel that the work I do is valued and noticed. The apprenticeship I am currently doing is called support teaching and learning level 2 this course is so rewarding and varied and I feel that each day I learn something new and have the pleasure of seeing students progress in their courses knowing that I have played a part. Thank you Achievement training I recommend this apprenticeship to anyone wanting a rewarding and fun apprenticeship with great opportunities.” Frankie Blake


“The staff make you feel confident and make it enjoyable lessons.” Luke Murphy


“As an apprentice I am thoroughly enjoying working for Achievement Training. I am respected and treated like a fully qualified member of staff as well as being given support and time to complete my apprenticeship work. Being an apprentice has benefited me in many ways, I would really recommend Achievement Training.” Jeorgia Best


“Brilliant place to go after you finish your GCSE’s. all the teachers are amazing and you also get to meet a lot of people that share the same interests as you. they also helped me get an apprenticeship after my first year so now I get paid to learn something that I enjoy doing.” Yez Almilhim


“When I came to Achievement Training I had no clue what I was going to do with my life. I was an older learner and had put all my efforts into A-levels and Uni to come out at the end with nothing. They were very helpful & understanding. After arranging an appointment and speaking with me for a short while, I was lined up with the perfect apprenticeship and work place for me. I have now completed my NVQ3 in business and administration and am still working with the company they started me with. I have plenty of opportunities and options for the future and I have never been happier. The staff were brilliant and structured my learning specifically around my needs. The support available was unlike any other I have experienced in school, a-levels, or University. It was a pleasure to undertake and I cannot recommend them enough.” Becky Hendra


“I like the course I’m currently taking also the staff and the tutors are friendly and nice to talk too. I’m doing the IT professional competence level 2, it’s great fun.” Kieran Horrell


“Achievement Training is a lovely place, I came here to help me get a job and now I have got one.” Donna Krasniqi